Introductory Personal Training Session + Assessment 45 Minutes for $40

I encourage listening to your body & a balanced approach to exercise.

Let me help you improve the way you look, feel and move on a daily basis

About Me

My name is Ash Bedford and I work as a Personal Trainer at The Woodshed in Brighton East. I encourage a balanced approach to exercise, one that includes listening to your body and being extremely mindful, with a big focus on longevity. My approach includes learning about the benefits of proper core strength (starting with good breathing mechanics), correct alignment/posture, and improved flexibility/mobility. I believe it is never too late to start taking care of your body and improving the way that you look, feel and move on a daily basis. My strong knowledge of anatomy will help you develop a clear understanding of exactly what you need to do in order to optmise your physical and mental performance every day.

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my young family, surfing down the coast, seeking out local cafes and exploring all of what Melbourne has to offer. We are truly blessed to live in the amazing city that is Melbourne. I spend a lot of time in nature as well as working on my yoga and daily meditation practice. This helps me to maintain balance, focus and a high level of performance.


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (in progress)
  • Cert III and IV Fitness (Personal Training)
  • Cert IV Allied Health Professional
  • Qualified Yoga Teacher (270hr)
  • Qualified Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)


1on1 Personal Training

An Individualised training service focusing on your specific goals.

Private 1on1 and Small Group Yoga Classes

Individually tailored or in small groups, yoga is great for anyone.

Private 1on1 and Small Group Meditation Classes

Designed for inner peace, happiness and practicing mindfulness.

You Deserve The Best

Enjoy Our Intro Offer!

You deserve the best, and you deserve to be treated like a human being, listened to fully and provided with an outstanding level of care when it comes to your body. The time is now for you to commit to the next phase of your life. One that envisions true fitness, health and wellbeing.

A life full of abundance, vitality, strength, joy and balance. Your days of feeling tired, unmotivated and in constant pain are over. Make the choice you know is right. Invest in you.


Introductory PT Session + Assessment 45 Minutes for $40


"I've been training with Ash 2-3 times per week for approximately 4 years now. Our sessions are always positive and extremely well organised. Ash is very much a body and mind trainer, always injecting some positive psychology into the sessions. There is a blurring of personal trainer and life coach in Ash’s approach to training, which I have really enjoyed over the years. As my body has aged with time Ash has adapted my training to be lower impact and more sensible to my needs. As a result I have never sustained injury under his direction. Thanks Ash for being a great trainer and great mate along this journey."
Paul Sitzler
"Since training with Ash twice a week, my overall strength has significantly improved! Our sessions are always varied so I never know what to expect and I don’t get bored. Ash is always mindful of my abilities, however each session brings something challenging! He is also mindful of my wellbeing and tailors each session accordingly. I would highly recommend Ash’s services, especially if you’re looking for a kick start and motivation….he’s sincere but has a cheeky sense of humour which I like! I leave each session feeling upbeat and positive! I now supplement my training with aquatic exercise and pilates, and compared to a few months ago, have more energy and self-awareness."
Helen Johansen
"I sought Ash’s guidance to help me build a base of strength and flexibility that would allow me to enjoy time with my son and ease the discomfort of lower back pain.

What amazes me about my training with Ash is, that at some point, normally around 10 – 12 min in, I feel totally uplifted and joyful.

Ash’s knowledge and passion for physiology are second to none. As a result I feel very supported by his direction.

Ash has helped me to gain more focus with my training and this has spilled over into other areas of my life. Totally enjoyable."
Marcus Lethlean
"I have been training with Ash for a number of years now and I really enjoy it. I love the flexibility that Ash provides in our training sessions. His ability to go with the flow and to spin on a dime. I love it when I need a session that is a bit more restorative, instead of intensive, he is able to adjust the way he sees the session running. He pays close attention to form and technique. As a chiropractor, someone who is interested in form and wellbeing assurance, I love Ash’s approach when paying attention to the finer details of the person in the training session, not just the session with a client."
Damian Kristof


Sun Salutions

This video guides you through Sun Salutation Series A. This is a great morning practice to enhance blood flow, get into your posture and add longevity to your spine.

Mindful Exercise

Are you looking to mix up your regular routine with some mindful exercise, incorporating true core strength, correct posture and efficient movement patterns. A workout like this can help reduce stress, improve your strength and flexibility and help you become more balanced, productive and focused. Setting you up for a day in flow.

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Ash Bedford Personal Training
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Ash Bedford Personal Training

When it comes to exercise it’s important to master the basics and build foundations for longevity.

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Ash Bedford Personal Training

Echarte Tolle on enlightenment

“It is a state of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible, something that, almost paradoxically, is essentially you and yet is much greater than you. It is finding your true nature beyond name and form. The inability to feel this connectedness gives rise to the illusion of separation, from yourself and from the world around you. You then perceive yourself, consciously or unconsciously, as an isolated fragment. Fear arises, and conflict within and without becomes the norm.”

The Power of Now

I love this 💚

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